In the seal of reality, the first principles are empty after all. The law derived from reason is the law of action, and it is impossible to seek its substance by using false illusions and illusions. Therefore, the use of false illusions is not real. Materialism, which is the basis of modern science, investigates what the essence of the universe is, and when inventions occur, all previous plans will be broken.


   Today, as far as the ultimate destructive power of electronics is concerned, there is no substance to hold on to. There are still inventions to be invented in the future, and there will be no gains in the end. In this way, material reality is sought, and ultimately there is no real entity available. The old color method is empty after all. Since the color method, the mind method is the same. So the law of action is empty after all. There is a way of doing things, but there is still a popular relationship and the continuation of the false illusion; there is no way of doing things, and the false illusion is used without it, but it has its name. This shows that inaction is empty after all. Actions are created by reason, so they are known to be empty in the name of illusion; inaction is empty in the name of intellectually hypothetical assumptions. Here in the "Palm Treasure Theory" and other details, all the methods are empty after all. After all, nothing happens. Everything is separated. Everything is in mind. After all, all persistence has no place to settle down. The reason is that there is no difference between wisdom and reality, such as the corresponding laws.

Section 2 Five Ways and Three Self-Nature

Among them, five laws are: one, name, two, truth, three, respectively, four, righteousness and wisdom, and five, truth and truth. A celebrity is the name by which he speaks. By the name of the sentence, by the sentence. Generally speaking, law has its name in the legal circle. No law

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